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Sankofa Spice

Sankofa Spice

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" Sankofa Spice Natural Spices are 100% Natural with Zero MSG, Zero Salt and Zero Preservatives. 
Made from only natural spices from Ghana and certified by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA). 
All our products are Halal Compliant and produced under strict hygienic and ethical conditions. “

- Sankofa Natural Spice Website -

Stew and gravy: Coriander, Bay leaf, Rosemary, Star anise, Fennel, Black pepper, Cayenne pepper, Cloves.

Soup: Ginger powder, Nkitinkiti(aniseed), Cayenne pepper, Black pepper, Bay leaf, Cloves, Prekese(dried Aidan fruit)

size : 2 oz.

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