Spotlight : Bleu (Sharika Valerio)

Spotlight : Bleu (Sharika Valerio)


Name & Identity: 

Sharika "Bleu" Valerio - Queer Afro-Latina ( She/They )

"Something about being in water that's restorative and rejuvenating."

Favorite way to get into alignment during the season of summer:

" Favorite way to get into alignment is by taking a bath, especially after an exhaustive work day or movement based activities I commit to such as yoga and pole dance. 

Baths provide a space for myself to be connected with my body and higher self.

Creating a vibe with lighting candles, intention setting, playing music, and throwing in some essential oils, aqua de florida (Florida water), and herbs then boom, relaxation.

This season, I have participated in spiritual baths with other like-minded folks that have brought a sense of community, safe space and healing. 

I chose this set for communication. 


Why you chose your aligns set?

" Knowing that this particular align set enhances my throat chakra made me drawn to them.

As a child I've learned to keep my mouth shut with most of the feelings that came up as I strived to be this "quiet and perfect" person.

I didn't really speak to other beings and mostly kept my thoughts and emotions to myself.

As an adult, being more assertive with speaking up and voicing my truth to others is a style I am constantly working on.

Hence, the passion I have for dance helps with my ability to communicate and put myself out in the world.

Also, not only is bleu my favorite color, "Bleu" become part of my identity when I earned the name in undergrad and use it as my stage name to describe my persona.

Bleu to me has this peaceful, inviting and safe aura yet powerful and confident energy.

I feel more empowered when I dance with my bleu aligns <3. "

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